In 2023, we celebrated Festival SPIJKERROK’s final edition. In 2024, we decided the world needed another edition of SPIJKERROK!

It wasn’t a difficult decision to make: SPIJKERROK is special not just to the people in charge, but to our visitors, the local businesses we work with, and LuxorLive as well. It became clear to us we couldn’t just end it, and that’s why we’ve been hard at work to once again present the city of Arnhem with an absolutely amazing summer festival.

SPIJKERROK will be presenting the usual mix of musical styles this year, from hip-hop to indie, electronic to ska, and rock to singer-songwriter. Our main sponsor is Gulpener brewery, and De Zwaan, a liquor store on the Steenstraat, will be providing the wine. Food, meanwhile, will be taken care of by several excellent food stands (veggie and vegan options available). Both kids and adults alike will delight in the green fields of Vrijstaat Thialf and the requisite water pistols. And other entertainment will be available for kids as well. Even better, entrance is free for kids under 12!

SPIJKERROK 2024 is all about its volunteers, without whom our wonderful festival wouldn’t exist. This year, we’ll finally compensate for our CO2 emissions from past years. For more information on this, please see the section on green activities by Raymond Brouwers, one of SPIJKERROK’s founders.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, 22 June, at Vrijstaat Thialf in Spijkerkwartier.

spijkerrok 2024

Saturday, 22 June

Vrijstaat Thialf
Dullerstraat 33, 6828HJ Arnhem
14.30 - 00.00

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